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Application Validated by the EMA

Created by researchers.

Hidup CRF is an online application for the creation of electronic data collection notebooks. No one better than the researchers themselves to know and develop the needs of a CRD. This app is designed in collaboration with Research Groups from the University of Seville (US) and the Andalusian Health System (SAS) Spain.

Create a CRD in a few steps:

Step one

Easy and simple registration

At your disposal to open projects freely.

step two

Easily add users

As many as you have. You can create your profiles with their corresponding roles.

Step three

Add variables and you're good to go

By configuring the CRD they will be able to start working on it.

Step four

Monitor from any location

Access your CRD from any center regardless of location or device. 

digitized research

Hidup Case report form

Computer application for data management in clinical research eCRD.

The tool not a simple CRD generator quickly for those users who do not have computer knowledge, it is also a complete portal in which you can include an unlimited number of CRDs for each user. Application available in Spanish, English, German, Italian and French, to facilitate its use in international projects.  Aadaptation to the needs of researchers, data managers and CRAas well as being an effective information gathering tool for CRO and industry.

Functionality and data integrity of electronic records in computerized systems.

  • NCF Annex 11, GMP Annex 11
  • 21CFR part 11, 21CFR part 11
  • EN 82304, EN 62304
  • Data integrity FDA Guidance 2018
  • GMP Data integrity 2016 EMA
  • PI 041-1 Good practices for data management and integrity PIC/S 2018
  • European Medicines Agency (EMA)


single tool

Manages the entire project in which the center participates.


The use of the CRD generation application allows collaboration between different centers allowing more efficient management of the resources associated with the project.

Improve recruitment

Increases the capacity to support more patients in the study.

online monitoring

Monitoring and anonymization of guaranteed data.


Detailed documentation of user actions.


It shares data and enables the exchange of information and knowledge between analysis programs.

CRF Form Builder & Project Tracking

The Data Collection Notebook Generation tool allows users ddesign report forms with easy-to-use visual tools. Simple and intuitive use without the need to have technical knowledge in IT. You will know the status of the project in real time thanks to our periodic reports, alert systems and export of information.

Application access control through user roles and permissions. Proven experience in the development of eCRDs for all types of trials, therapeutic areas and types of clients.

you are a CRO

We work together?

The perfect ally for CROsWe create custom applications. We integrate with other tools facilitating any investigation. Agile developer who will be available to oversee the design of the eCRD. Multi-language portal, unlimited hosting space, user access control by role within the CRD.  We agree on short-term or long-term collaborations. We comply with FDA and EU data protection and application development regulations.                                    

Hidup Case report form

Created by researchers for researchers

Universities, Foundations and Research Institutes

Shall we start?

Hidup CRF is suitable for clinical, observational, epidemiological trials either in private, sponsored or subsidized studies. In our plans we include everything: Hosting, design, maintenance and service support, with rates and specific options for universities, foundations and research institutes. We offer an agile and efficient way to launch an eCRD with patient registration, avoiding expenses in servers, equipment, hardware and software. We take care of backups and security controls with Hidup CRF mount for trials on our platform.

online monitoring

The tool allows to have a exhaustive knowledge about the project visually and dynamically. The ability to remotely monitor information facilitates data collection of the Data Managers and reduces the number of possible errors when filling out questionnaires.

The CRFs are accessible by users in different centers reducing monitoring costs and increasing monitoring of data entry throughout the study cycle. 


We work together?

Hidup CRF offers a solution to manage the clinical research carried out by a hospital or a network of hospitals. Our platform allows a complete management of the production cycle of an assay with monitoring and total traceability of the information entered and the decisions made, regulatory process, patient recruitment and drug and test management. Hidup CRF is used by Hospitals and Universities, validated for the management of clinical data, with important technical requirements having worked  in large-scale clinical projects and research in Spain, Europe and the USA.

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